Jacquelline Jacques
Creative Director and Head of Operations
Jacquelline Jacques is a Brazilian song writer and a cultural agitator and has a passion for connecting people and helping them to follow their dreams. The way she has found to do that is by creating and supporting artists, helping them to promote and offer their projects to the world audience. Based in Vienna, she is the mastermind behind the agency "O Grito", an Start Up event management company who offers several services for private and corporate events in Austria. Since January 2019 she is also member of the Production Support Team of the Music Group Igudesman and Joo.Together with the Brazil Calling Festival she is launching the JJ Productions, Start Up who offers Artist Management and Live Music Venue.
Fernando Paiva
Musical Director
Fernando Paiva is a Brazilian musician who has been working for years in the area of cultural production. Always seeking great music quality and competence in their partnerships Fernando has worked with big names in the international music scene.He is a professional who does not accept commitments when directing musically or artistically events, shows and recordings. If you are looking for quality, professionalism and seriousness Fernando is the right person. Always up to date in his quest for cultural production, both modern and contemporary as well as old and traditional find housing in the projects that he has been developing in recent years. He sees art as a mission, an opportunity and a platform to bring reflection, beauty, joy and fun to the most varied audiences.


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