Antonio Villeroy was born in 1961, in São Grabriel, in the South of Brazil. In 1981, at the age of 20, he left the College of Agronomy to devote himself to music. Since then, he has released a DVD, nine CDs and has become one of the most recorded Brazilian composers of recent times. There are about 250 songs recorded by more than 110 artists in Brazil and abroad. Only Ana Carolina recorded 33 songs of yours. Among the other interpreters we can list, Chiara Civello, Don Grusin, Gal Costa, Ivan Lins, João Donato, Jesse Harris, John Legend, Luciana Mello, Luíza Possi, Maria Bethania, Maria Gadu, Mario Biondi, Mart'nália, Moska, Paula Lima, Preta Gil, Seu Jorge and Zizi Possi, among others. Some of his songs were used as themes for films, soap operas and series in Brazil and abroad. In this 38-year career, as an artist, he took his music throughout Brazil and to several countries in the Americas, Europe and Africa, presenting himself to audiences of up to 30 thousand people.

Line up:
Matheus Nicolaiewsky: Bass
Fernando Paiva: Drums

Foto: Dulce Helfer



Winner of the Samsung E-Festival Instrumental, where he was chosen the best instrumentalist in the country in 2018, the Brazilian musician Mazin Silva began his career in music in 1987, playing alongside his family in the band "Os Regionais" (The Regionals). Born in Blumenau / SC, the guitarist  is endowed with a genuinely Brazilian musicality and his influences range from samba, baião, bossa nova and jazz to rock and regional music from southern Brazil.

With numerous tours and performances at major instrumental music festivals in the country, the musician has performed alongside great names in Brazilian music, such as Frejat, Roberto Menescal and Zé Geraldo, among others.

Mazin Silva also took his music to the United States, where he performed at the Spah Festival in Sacramento and Europe, when he played several shows and joined the lineup of the Abrazos Festival in Spain.

Among the artist's various appearances on radio and TV programs we can highlight his participation in the  "Legendários" (2014) show, presented by Marcos Mion in Record, where he was the winner in the talent contest of the show. In 2018, he presented at Ratinho show, shown by SBT, at the invitation of the presenter, with national prominence.


Special Guests:

Fernando Paiva: Percussion

Elias Meiri: Piano

Foto: Mariana Florêncio



Luis Leite was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, in a familiar musical atmosphere. His grandfather, an amateur musician who played the guitar every day, taught him the first chords. His father and uncles also played regularly, and the guitar was the instrument that gathered everyone around the music.

With an interest in various musical aspects, Luis navigated from early on through different styles, from Chôro and jazz to classical music, starting to perform professionally at age 14 with the Grupo Camerístico de Violões.

He studied guitar at UniRio and at age 19, after receiving the first place in national guitar contests, he studied in the Accademia Musicale Chigiana (Siena, Italy).

He later moved to Vienna, where he lived for a decade, receiving bachelor's and master's degrees from the Universität für Musik Wien, under the guidance of renowned guitarist Alvaro Pierri.

During his time in Europe, Luis received the first place in international guitar contests, such as the John Duarte International Guitar Competition (Rust) and the Ivor Mairants International Guitar Competition (London).

He returned to Brazil assuming the chair of Guitar of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, where since then he coordinates the Bachelor's degree in Guitar. He completed his Doctor of Music (PhD) in Music at University of Rio de Janeiro (UniRio) developing a research on new languages ​​of musical improvisation. He was also the winner of the 11th BDMG Brazilian Instrumental Music Award in Belo Horizonte.

Luis recorded the albums 'Mundo Urbano', 'Vento Sul' and 'Ostinato' and performed solo guitar recordings for several television networks such as Radio Española Española (TVE), ORF Austria, SESC TV, TV Brasil, etc.

With intense international activity, Luis has already performed in more than 20 countries. In Brazil, he has performed at various festivals and theaters in the country.

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Foto: Aline Müller



Foto: Dieter Reimprecht

NICE Brazil is born in Sao Paulo – Brazil.

She started her career as an actress in Theater. Many years she worked in Theater and Kids musicals in Sao Paulo. Since beginning of the 90s she lives in Germany and in the meantime she participated into different musical projects and festivals in Europa e.g. Festival da Jazz – St. Moritz-Ch, Internationale Stuttgarter Jazztage, Jazzfestival VSSwingt (The Jazzfestival in the Southwest), Tollwood Festival München, Festival Viva Afro Brasil – Tübingen, Jazz and Joy Worms.

My passion for music …

began in my childhood in São Paulo, my hometown.
With the music of the Radio and major festivals. With the protest and revolt against the military dictatorship, present in the poetry of composers such as Chico Buarque, Geraldo Vandré and Joao Bosco. With MPB (Brazilian Popular Music), with Bossa Nova. And last but not least the great interpreters of Brazilian music, Jazz and Pop music.

Later, my experience …

as an actress in theater and musicals for kids would further reinforce my desire to deepen myself in the creative work of vocal expression. My greatest wish was to devote myself both body and soul to this work. At that time the fascination for music and theater led me to an interest in different musical styles and their interpretations. This interest and fascination with music are still omnipresent.

My persistent musical work, …

my experience and musical insight, led me to successfully produce and record my independent Albums: Meu Caminho (My Way),  Arcobaleno (Rainbow), Pra Voce (For You), Minhas Raízes (My Roots) and JaZZ Popular Brasileiro.

As you know if you’ve been watching my career in the last fifteen years, I sing, compose, manage and produce my own projects by myself.

I have also organized some concerts in Germany and other countries.

My repertoire …

consists of  compositions of the 60s and 70s only – and my own compositions.

For me it is a real happiness to express myself through music …

and have the prestige to share that passion not only with my musicians, but also with you,  fan of the Brazilian music. Since many years I’ve been singing with my band at many jazz clubs and several jazz festivals in Europe.

I’m lucky … 

to have real friends and great musicians by my side.

Line Up: Ricardo Fiuza: Piano / Matheus Nicolaiewsky: Bass / Fernando Paiva: Drums



Daniela Procopio is one of the best Brazilian singers of her generation. Living in Europe, Vienna, she has two

original CDs released and recorded by some names of the international Jazz/Pop scene, such as the arrangers:

Eumir Deodato, Toninho Horta, Jaques Morelembaum and Paulo Moura and instrumentalists such as:

Omar Hakin, Arthur Maia, Carlos Malta, Marco Lobo, Hiran Bulock and Marcio Vitor.

She also had the honor to compose songs together with some of Brazilian masters like João Donato,

Carlinhos Brown, Moraes Moreira and Armandinho Macêdo. She participated in some

Jazz and World Music festivals in France, Austria, Brazil, Ecuador, Croatia, United States and Georgia.

She currently performs her shows solo promoting her second CD titled "Gueixa Tropical".

Now she also writes her first novel of the same name and prepares her third CD solo.

Line Up:

Marco Antonio da Costa: Guitar

Antonio de Pádua: Trumpet, Cavaquinho e Pandeiro

Foto: Pedro Botelho



Born in 1965 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Fernando Paiva composer, drummer, percussionist, showman and music producer is considered by the Brazilian and Brazilian press as one of the main exponents of the Brazilian drummer in the world.

As drummer and percussionist he created a unique style of playing his instrument mixing percussive vocals, percussion and drums. Fernando began playing drums at the age of 7 along with his father a Brazilian amateur percussionist. In 1999 Fernando founded his group to play his compositions. The group is constantly in tourne by the main festivals and show houses of the world. In his compositions Fernando drinks from the sources of Brazilian music, jazz, African music, classical music to create a unique mix. Inspired melodies, elaborate arrangements, rich and engaging rhythms are the hallmark of his work as a composer. In addition to his teaching activities at different music universities, Fernando has a long international career playing live or in studios with: Joe Zawinul Sindicate, Lionel Ritchie, Sertab Erener, Alegre Correa, Vienna Art Orchestra, Raul de Souza, Chris Jagger among many others.

Line up:

Sabri Tulug Tirpan: Piano

Bertl Mayer: Harmonica

Robert Friedl: Sax Soprano

Matheus Nikolaiewsky: e bass

Eglė Petrošiūtė: Vocals

Jacquelline Jacques: Backing Vocals

Daniela Procopio Vocal (Special Guest)



Foto: Pedro Botelho

This is a work of father and son, which has been planted and has been maturing for at least 12 years, and now the fruits of all these years family musical life are reaping. Graduated by Multi instrumentalist Antonio de Padua, a musician who symbolizes authentic Brazilian popular music, and who teaches family music as one of his main virtues. On the other hand, the virtuoso flutist João Vítor is his child, who has been showing the high level of Brazilian music and musicians of this new generation. This work has in its artistic conception, the search for a unique sound in a completely intimate formation, with unusual instrumental combinations, playing classics of Brazilian music and copyright music arranged especially for the Duo. Made in Brazil, showing the world the versatility of our musicians and the diversity of our music.

Nui Art Gallery

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